Have you ever heard someone say “I used to be a nurse” when asked what they do? Me neither! In fact, when someone asks me what I do, the first thing I say is “I am a nurse.” This is usually followed by questions about where I work, what type of patients I care for, and the like. If the person I’m talking with is truly interested, I’ll explain my background in critical care, my role as a nurse practitioner in women’s health, and now my career in the world of publishing. I am proud of what I’ve done in the past and what I do now, but the biggest sense of pride comes with being able to say “I’m a nurse.”

A recent conversation with my mom went something like this: 

Mom: “Have you heard from your cousin?”

Me: “Yes, he’s been great.” I then went on to fill her in on recent events in his life, as well as what his family and friends have been up to.

Mom: “Wow, why is it that everyone calls you with their latest news?” She then answered her own question with “I think it’s because you are a nurse.” 

That warmed my heart! You can probably relate similar stories, especially when it comes to others, sometimes complete strangers, sharing their healthcare stories and questions.

Nurses – we truly are a special group!