I’m drawn to articles that offer tips, top ten lists, mnemonics, and quick-reads to make our days and lives as nurses run smoother. That’s why I’m happy to share that we’ve just added a new article to our Recommended Reading list with not one, but two handy mnemonic devices! Plus, the topic is ECG interpretation and you may recall that one of my most memorable days as a nurse began with analysis of a Six-Second Strip

Please allow me to share one of these clever mnemonics with you here (you can click through to the article to learn the other – enjoy free online access while it’s on our recommended reading list). 

So, what are the H’s and T’s referred to in the title of this post? They are the reversible causes of cardiac arrest, which include:

* Hypovolemia

* Hypoxia

* Hydrogen ion (acidosis)

* Hypo- or hyperkalemia

* Hypothermia

* Tension pneumothorax

* Tamponade, cardiac

* Toxins

* Thrombosis, pulmonary

* Thrombosis, coronary

Do you have any similar mnemonic devices to share? Let’s help one another to remember all that is nursing and healthcare!


Craig, K., (2013). Heart Beats: Rhythm self-quiz: Fast and deadly. Nursing2013 Critical Care, 8(1).