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January 2005, Volume 35 Number 1 , p 70 - 70




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    1. The health care provider orders hydromorphone, 3 mg I.V. q6h p.r.n., for a patient with postoperative pain. The medication is available in a prefilled syringe containing 4 mg per milliliter. How many milliliters of hydromorphone should you waste?

    a. 0.25 ml

    b. 0.5 ml

    c. 0.75 ml

    2. The health care provider orders heparin, 8,000 units subQ q8h, for a patient with deep vein thrombosis. The heparin available is 20,000 units per 1 ml. How many milliliters of heparin should you give?

    a. 0.2 ml

    b. 0.3 ml

    c. 0.4 ml

    3. A physician prescribes 45 units of NPH insulin to be given to a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus subQ in the morning daily. You have NPH insulin, 100 units/ml, available. Using a U-100 syringe, how many milliliters will be in the syringe?

    a. 0.045 ml

    b. 0.45 ml

    c. 4.5 ml

    4. A patient needs an infusion of D5W at 100 ml/hour. If the tubing set is calibrated at 15 gtt/ml, what's the drip rate?

    a. 25 gtt/minute

    b. 31 gtt/minute

    c. 33 gtt/minute

    5. A patient diagnosed with pneumonia needs 2,000 ml of fluid over 24 hours. What's the flow rate?

    a. 83 ml/hour

    b. 100 ml/hour

    c. 125 ml/hour

    6. You're about to administer a continuous infusion of 25,000 units of heparin in 500 ml of 0.45% sodium chloride solution. If the patient is to receive 750 units/hour, what's the flow rate?

    a. 10 ml/hour

    b. 15 ml/hour

    c. 25 ml/hour

    7. A 4-year-old patient weighs 46 pounds. How many kilograms is this?

    a. 20 kg

    b. 21 kg

    c. 23 kg

    8. The health care provider orders a single dose ...

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