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Which term is used to describe pain in the calf due to sharp dorsiflexion of the foot?
A. Dyskinesia:      0
B. Eversion:      0
C. Positive Babinski's reflex:      0
D. Positive Homan's sign:      0
  Total : 0

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Which of the following would you expect to be ordered for a patient who recently had a central venous catheter inserted and who now appears short of breath and anxious?
Which of the following is one of the earliest signs of cardiogenic shock?
A patient with hyperthyroidism develops a high fever, extreme tachycardia, and altered mental status. What do you suspect?
Which sound is heard on auscultation over the abdominal region of a patient with an abdominal aortic aneurysm?
Which intervention is the most important in dealing with a child who has been poisoned?
Which disorder results from a deficiency of factor VIII?
Secretion of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) by which gland controls the rate at which thyroid hormone is released?
Acute pulmonary edema caused by heart failure is usually a result of damage to which area of the heart?
Dyspnea, cough, weight gain, weakness, and edema are classic signs and symptoms of which condition?
You are assessing a patient who has had a stroke. His speech is slow, nonfluent, and labored. How would you document this?

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