Time to get dressed! The research on nursing uniforms

The debate over standardization of nursing uniforms is well-documented, however, the existence of rigorous, well-designed studies is lacking. In the latest issue of JONA, Journal of Nursing Administration, an integrative review examining the professional appearance of RNs examines the evidence. While the strength of the evidence is low, it is essential for us to recognize the importance of patients being able to identify us as nurses and to understand how our attire impacts the public’s perception of our knowledge and skills.

Seven studies were included in this review and a nice table comparing each of the studies can be found in this supplemental digital content. One study found that among nurses, students, and patients, solid color scrubs reflect more skills and knowledge than print scrubs or T-shirt tops. Another study, which looked at uniform color preference among patients, found blue or white to be most preferred, while red was least preferred. Take a close look at this table to learn more about how both patients and nurses feel that uniform and general appearance impact perception. It’s pretty interesting.
Is there a standard uniform for nursing staff where you work? 
Cassidy, C., Del Guidice, M., Hatfield, L., Pearce, M., Polomano, R., Samoyan, J. (2013). The Professional Appearance of Registered Nurses: An Integrative Review of Peer-Refereed Studies. JONA, Journal of Nursing Administration, 42(2). 

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Interesting Blogpost!! Your blog on time to get dressed! The research on nursing uniforms is very good. By wearing uniforms in different colors like scrub jackets, scrub tops one can give stylish touch to their uniform. This is very true that uniform and general appearance impact perception. Thank you for sharing your blog with us.
12/17/2016 1:16:29 AM

Robin Hinds
Interesting post!
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