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Joanna Briggs Institute SUMARIJoanna Briggs Institute SUMARI

Systematic review software that takes a broader view of evidence

The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) recognizes that healthcare decisions are based, not only on the best available scientific evidence relating to effect, but also in consideration of patient preference, the context of health care and the judgment of the clinician.

The JBI System for the Unified Management of the Assessment and Review of Information (JBI SUMARI) is the Institute’s premier review software package, which has been designed to assist health professionals and researchers to conduct systematic reviews of evidence of feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness of health intervention.

There are five modules within JBI SUMARI that enable users to critically appraise, extract and synthesize research data related to their specific area of interest. The system takes you through each phase of the review process, from protocol development to final report.

SUMARI includes the following modules:

Crems -Comprehensive Review and Management System
Actuari -Analysis of Cost, Technology and Utilization Assessment and Review Instrument
Mastari -Meta Analysis of Statistics Assessment and Review Instrument
Notari -Narrative, Opinion and Text Assessment and Review Instrument
Qari - Qualitative Assessment and Review Instrument

Version 5.02, released in 2013, includes features including:

• Enhanced design
• Improved security
• Addition of off-line functionality

...and much, much more! Now included as part of the JBI Resources, this outstanding software package opens up the possibilities for the review of evidence to inform health care practice.

Please note:  Purchase of this product will take you to JBI's website, where you may be required to fill out a registration page to access your subscription/tool. You will also need to download Crems 5.02 from the JBI website.

Please note: If you desire to purchase SUMARI after already purchasing TAP, you will need to create a separate username and password on NursingCenter. After creating a separate username and password on NursingCenter, you will be able to purchase SUMARI and register again on JBI’s website by clicking “Access SUMARI.”

Invited reviewers also need to purchase the SUMARI suite of tools.

If you have any concerns or problems accessing JBI SUMARI, please email publisher@nursingcenter.com.

Purchase an annual subscription for $30.00.

Purchase includes all of the modules within SUMARI:  Actuari, Mastari, Notari, Qari, Crems(download from JBI Web site).  Individual purchase of these modules is not available.

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