Similar Lipid-Triglyceride Storage in Obese, Lean Women

Storage efficiency, trafficking into different adipose tissue depots similar in both groups

MONDAY, Sept. 19 (HealthDay News) -- Both upper-body obese (UBO) and lean women exhibit similar storage of very low density lipids-triglyceride (VLDL-TG) in visceral, upper-body subcutaneous (UBSQ), and lower-body subcutaneous (LBSQ) fat, with no significant differences in the trafficking pattern into these adipose tissue depots, according to a study published online Sept. 12 in Diabetes.

Esben Søndergaard, M.D., from the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, and colleagues investigated the storage of VLDL-TG in visceral fat in nine UBO (waist circumference >88 cm) and six lean (waist circumference <80 cm) women who were scheduled to undergo elective tubal ligation surgery. Storage of VLDL-TG in visceral, UBSQ, and LBSQ fat was evaluated with [9,10-³H]-triolein-labeled VLDL.

The investigators found that storage of VLDL-TG in visceral fat accounted for approximately 0.8 percent of VLDL-TG turnover in both lean and UBO women. A significantly greater proportion of VLDV-TG turnover was stored in UBSQ and LBSQ (approximately 5 and 4 percent, respectively). UBO and lean women had similar fractional storage of VLDL-TG for all regional depots. In UBO women there was a significant association between VLDL-TG fractional storage and VLDL-TG concentration in UBSQ fat. For lean women there was a significant inverse association seen in visceral and LBSQ fat.

"VLDL-TG storage efficiency is similar in all regional fat depots, and trafficking of VLDL-TG into different adipose tissue depots was similar in UBO and lean women," the authors write.

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