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PATIENTS WITH heart disease will be looking for practical advice and support, so let them know about these online resources. You can use these sites to download fact sheets to help them learn more about heart disease and guide them to support groups in their communities.


American Heart Association


This comprehensive site presents heart disease basics, information on living with the disease, and the latest news and research. It also provides recipes, fitness tips, ways to prevent heart disease, and reports on events to raise awareness nationwide.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Visitors to this site can find up-to-date information on heart disease prevention and control, as well as what's going on in the latest research. Educational fact sheets, brochures, and booklets are available for immediate download.


Mayo Clinic


This resource offers both basic and in-depth information on heart disease. Visitors can browse articles, receive personalized guidance through the Mayo Clinic Health Manager, and subscribe to newsletters.


National Heart Lung and Blood Institute


The National Institutes of Health runs this website, which provides the latest information on heart disease research and care in both English and Spanish. Visitors can use interactive web applications to assess their risk for heart disease and print easy-to-read publications.


WebMD Heart Disease Health Center


This site offers the latest news on heart disease research as well as detailed information on prevention and treatment. Visitors can join discussion groups and online communities to share their concerns with others with heart disease and read blogs written by heart disease experts.