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May 2005, Volume 35 Number 5 , p 88 - 88





  • What's the situation?

  • What's your assessment?

  • What must you do immediately?

  • What should be done later?

  • Graphics

  • Figure. No caption a...

  • ACCOMPANIED BY A FRIEND, Ned Erikson, 19, arrives at your ED saying he was bitten in the right calf by a snake about 45 minutes ago while hiking at a nearby state park. He's anxious and diaphoretic, and he says he feels dizzy, nauseated, and numb around the lips. His leg is very painful, and he says the swelling has doubled in size since he was bitten. You quickly help him to a stretcher and immobilize his right leg.

    What's the situation?

    Mr. Erikson's friend says he recognized the snake as an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake; his description of the snake is verified by the Poison Control Center.

    You assess Mr. Erikson's right lower leg and see two puncture marks surrounded by marked ...

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