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Journal of Christian Nursing

January 2004, Volume 21 Number 2 , p 15 - 18


  • Barbara Bihm


Bihm, Barbara

Barbara Bihm, DNS, RN , is an associate professor of nursing at Loyola University New Orleans. She has twenty-five years of teaching and clinical experience. She has served as a consultant to the Church Nurse Program since its inception in 1997. Barbara teaches in the Basic Church Nurse Educational Program sponsored by the McFarland Institute, and she provides continuing education opportunities for church nurses. She attends St. Andrew, the Apostle Catholic Church in Algiers, Louisiana. Figure. Barbara Bihm, DNS, RN.

Parish nursing became a specialized professional nursing practice over twenty years ago; however, there is still not one established, universally accepted approach to the organization and administration of parish nursing programs. Some programs use paid RNs employed by large hospital systems. Others rely on volunteer RNs to conduct health promotion and well-ness programs. In between, we see a spectrum of paid and volunteer programs.

The debate about paid versus ...

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