1. Benner, Jane MS(LIS)

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TELL BURN VICTIMS seeking psychological support or practical advice to check out these online resources.


Burn Support Groups Database


A key feature of this site is a searchable database of international burn organizations and burn camps.


This resource for burn survivors and burn care professionals focuses on the emotional side of burn care. The Heart & Soul Re-entry Program is designed to help young burn survivors transition from the hospital to normal life.


Burn Survivors Online


A service of the World Burn Foundation, this site offers several forums and chat rooms.


Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Inc.


Among the programs at this site:


* Behavioral and Enhancement Skills Tools (BEST) offers practical tools to help burn victims and their families get back to their lives.


* Burn Support News publishes articles on burn recovery. Users also will find current news about the burn community.


* The Journey Back is a program designed to help burn victims return to school.


* Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR) is designed to train burn survivors and their families interested in volunteering.