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Ready for some sun and fun? You still have time to pack your bags and head to Orlando, Fla., for the Nursing2009 Symposium (May 6 to 9). Shaped by feedback from nurses like you, this popular annual nursing conference has something for nurses working in any patient-care setting. Here's a sample from over 40 educational sessions offered this year:

Figure. Visit booths... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. Visit booths in the exhibit hall for information on new equipment, technology, and career opportunities.
Figure. Nurses whove... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. Nurses who've prepared poster presentations will be happy to chat with you about their projects.

* Summer emergencies: Lightning, spiders, & snakes, oh my!! Many popular summertime activities have life-threatening risks, including heat-related illness and lightning strikes. After this practical session, you'll be prepared to respond with coolheaded competence if you're first on the scene.


* Neuro assessment for the non-neuro nurse. If caring for a neuro patient makes you uneasy, this talk is for you. Brush up on basic A & P, learn practical assessment tips, and review patient changes that you must report stat.


* The 1, 2, 3s of ABGs. In this interactive presentation, you'll learn an easy and accurate method of ABG analysis based on the common child's game tic-tac-toe.


* Something to talk about: Healthy work environments through communication. Why can't healthcare professionals get along better? Learn why some common personality types are difficult to work with and how to respond in a way that promotes teamwork and collaboration.


* Fatal fat. The latest discoveries about body fat have established its horrific effects on the cardiovascular system and glycemic status. After this session, you'll never look at your tummy and thighs the same way again!!


* He's got a ticket to ride. Listen to an expert discuss guidelines for preparing a critically ill patient for helicopter transport and explore the connection between your pretransport nursing interventions and the physiology of flight.


* Cardiac dysrhythmias made easy. Appropriate for nurses in all practice settings, this session provides simple techniques to help you identify dysrhythmias and respond appropriately.


* Bloodletting, barbers, & bugs: The unbelievable history of healthcare. Nursing professionals in all specialties will get a kick out of this fascinating review of the origins of healthcare, including how some bizarre treatments from the past have evolved into current practice.



While you're at the conference, take time to enjoy Disney's lovely Coronado Springs Resort, a first-rate hotel that's just minutes away from Disney World attractions. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and a bathing suit; the daytime temperature in Orlando in May is typically around 85[degrees] F.


Appropriately, this year's Nursing2009 Symposium will be held during Nurses Week. Celebrate your passion for nursing by connecting with equally committed colleagues from across the nation and around the world. See you there!!