1. King, Cynthia R.

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As I sit here eagerly embarking on this new adventure of starting a new nursing journal, I wonder what words of wisdom do I have to share with dermatology healthcare providers (medical assistants, office staff, LPNs/licensed vocational nurses, RNs, and NPs/PAs). I also ponder, What do the readers want to know about me? Why me as editor/leader for this new journal? Why now? Is it because I was a medical assistant in dermatology at UCLA before going to nursing school? I was so impressed by the nurses in the dermatology clinic that I was inspired to apply to nursing school. Is it my love for adventure and new projects or my past writing, publishing, and editing experience, such as the new book I wrote with my father (retired physician Dr. John King) entitled, 100 Questions and Answers About How to Communicate With Your Health Care Provider.

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Despite the excitement and challenge of starting a new journal, I am acutely aware of the current economy, the suffering of many Americans, and the recent election. What I realize is that, just as President-elect Obama has said, this is a time for change and hope. Hope implies a certain amount of perseverance and believing that a positive outcome is possible. I have faith that the new Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association (JDNA) is a positive change for the Dermatology Nurses' Association (DNA).


As I think about HOPE and our new JDNA, I started to think about HOPE as a new theme, and I wonder what HOPE could stand for. H would be for honor-a symbol of distinction. Honor also means to bestow distinction to someone. In this issue, we bestow distinction and honor to Robin Weber as she was an integral part of DNA and the new JDNA.


O is for opportunity which allows for advancement and progress. Certainly, a new journal provides many opportunities for the DNA to change, improve, and grow as an organization and to have control over the content in the journal.


P is for perspective. Perspective involves a viewpoint or position and a way of regarding situations or topics. Having the opportunity to start a new journal allows the DNA to involve as many members as possible (e.g., as reviewers, editorial board, and authors). Each member of the DNA has their own perspective or viewpoint. The more diverse the viewpoints, the stronger the team and the better the outcome-the JDNA.


Lastly, I would suggest that E is for excellence. Excellence involves positive uniqueness and superiority in performance, practices, and offered services. By embarking on this new journey of developing the JDNA, the DNA will provide quality, brilliance, and high performance for the members.


I am confident that, despite the difficult economic, social, and political times that we face, we all can have HOPE and know that many positive changes are coming, including the JDNA as a new benefit for each member of DNA. I would encourage each member to contribute to your new journal by authoring a column or manuscript, encourage a colleague to contribute, or serve as a reviewer for the JDNA. I also encourage each of you to give us feedback on the JDNA. Tell us what you want to see in the JDNA.


Cynthia R. King