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Certification, Dermatology Nursing, Evidence-Based Practice, Professional Development, Recruitment and Retention



  1. Adamson, Trudy


ABSTRACT: This article explores the impact on the development and dissemination of dermatologic nursing knowledge of two nursing-focused professional practice elements of evidence-based practice and specialty certification. Evidence-based nursing practice has become a necessity for today's nursing professional to meet the demands of healthcare trends; client needs; and patient expectations of care, treatment, and services. Evidence-based nursing practice utilizes critical thinking, evaluation, and utilization of research data for making clinical decisions that enhance the delivery of effective patient care interventions and promote optimal patient care outcomes. Specialty nursing certification provides an added credential beyond licensure and demonstrates by examination that a registered nurse has acquired a core body of specialized knowledge. Certification conveys clinical expertise not only to healthcare colleagues but also to the clients and family members who are served in local communities across the nation. Patient safety and satisfaction of care in the healthcare setting are dependent on the recruitment and retention of professional nurses that exemplify a high standard of service excellence. Dermatology nursing excellence can be achieved by professional knowledge development, specialty certification achievement, proficient nursing skill attainment, and continuous pursuit of seeking evidence-based practice in dermatology through research findings and nursing theory.