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  1. Hsu, Jessica
  2. Jacob, Sharon E.


Young athletes are prone to a variety of cutaneous eruptions, but allergic contact dermatitis is of particular concern because an athlete's skin may be exposed to harsher-than-normal environments and a greater array of chemicals and allergens. Sports equipment and athletic gear are potential sources of additional chemical exposure. In this report, we discuss two adolescent patients who presented with skin eruptions in the distribution of contact with gymnastic wrist supports and soccer shin guards. Patch testing revealed the relevant allergen as p-tert-butylphenol-formaldehyde-resin, a chemical used in the adhesive of athletic tape, knee guards, wet suits, and swimming goggles. Recognition of the presentation of allergic contact dermatitis in young athletes along with the knowledge of potential allergens and their possible sources can help clinicians provide the most appropriate care for this patient population.