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Elevate, Inspire, Innovate and Energize-these are action words that describe my vision for Nursing journal going forward. We're at a point in history where nursing interventions have broad recognition for their direct impact on patient, family, and economic outcomes-even reimbursement is tied to many of the results we achieve or fail to achieve (see "Pressure Ulcers: The Stakes Just Got Higher" in our October issue). To survive and thrive as nurses, we must be motivated to constantly improve our practice, diligently work to advance our profession in new and creative ways, and maintain our stamina.

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Elevate. Today more than ever before, society expects us to ensure that our practice is evidence-based and outcome-driven. Whether you're brand-new to the profession or possess the wisdom and experience derived from years of nursing practice and education, you'll benefit from articles that will enlighten, refresh, and update your knowledge so you can take your nursing practice to the next level.


Inspire. Positive outcomes motivate continued achievement and a desire for ongoing success. You'll benefit from inspirational case studies, cutting-edge information, and stories that challenge you to consider new approaches to nursing practice.


Innovate. From inspiration comes innovation, which requires "out of the box" thinking that moves beyond traditional boundaries. Innovation allows us to overcome barriers and find creative solutions to problems. We'll present innovative concepts that you can apply to situations in your practice. And if you've discovered innovations that you'd like to share with nursing colleagues, I invite you to write about them for potential publication in the journal. We'll work with you!!


Energize. Sustaining the energy to give your best to your patients and the profession means that you have to focus on your own health, including your body, mind, and spirit. It also implies a need to rediscover ways to find passion in your work or make the necessary changes that will rejuvenate you.


In this issue, I share how I energize my practice as a member of the National Ski Patrol. By combining my passion for skiing with my love of emergency and trauma nursing, I nurture my spirit and add another dimension to my nursing practice. (See "Winter Emergencies: Managing Ski and Snowboard Injuries" on page 24.)


Do you energize your own practice by blending your nursing skills with outside interests or special talents? Share your story with us.


In concert with the editorial staff of Nursing2009 and our distinguished Editorial Board, I'll make sure that the content in each issue supports my vision for nursing practice and helps you successfully navigate these challenging, complex, and changing times.


Until next time-


Linda Laskowski-Jones, MS, RN, ACNS-BC, CCRN, CEN

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Editor-in-Chief, Nursing2009


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Christiana Care Health System, Wilmington, Delaware