SELF-TEST: Understanding fluids and electrolytes: Challenge yourself with this quiz

April 2004 
Volume 34  Number 4
Pages 81 - 84
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    1. A construction worker labors outside in 90° F (32.2° C) temperatures. What hormone will his body release in larger quantities to help him retain water?

    a. insulin

    b. antidiuretic hormone

    c. renin

    2. A health care provider orders an I.V. solution of 5% dextrose in 0.9% sodium chloride solution for a postoperative patient. What type of fluid is this solution?

    a. hypertonic

    b. hypotonic

    c. isotonic

    3. While teaching a group of athletes how to prevent excessive fluid loss, tell them to consume fluids as soon as they

    a. have a dry mouth.

    b. feel light-headed or dizzy.

    c. get thirsty.

    4. A 29-year-old patient comes to the ED after being involved in a car crash. Chest radiography reveals a right pneumothorax. You interpret his arterial blood gas (ABG) results as respiratory acidosis. Why?

    a. His pH is low, Paco 2 is high, and HCO 3 is normal.

    b. His pH is low, Paco 2 is low, and HCO 3 is low.

    c. His pH is low, Paco 2 is high, and HCO 3 is low.

    5. A patient is transferred to the ICU in septic shock. Her ABG results show that she's acidotic. You expect the anion gap to be

    a. 0 to 8 mEq/liter.

    b. 8 to 14 mEq/liter.

    c. greater than 14 mEq/liter.

    6. A patient with Alzheimer's disease is admitted with suspected dehydration after his daughter reports that he's refused to drink anything for the past 3 days. The health care provider orders several lab tests. Which lab result is most expected with dehydration?

    a. urine specific gravity of 1.005

    b. serum sodium level of 150 mEq/liter

    c. hematocrit of 38%

    7. A 78-year-old patient is admitted with pulmonary edema and is given I.V. morphine sulfate. Why?

    a. to increase his blood pressure

    b. to promote diuresis

    c. to slow his breathing

    8. A ...

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