Topics in Emergency Medicine
April/June 2006
Volume 28   Number 2

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    Application of a Decision-Making Model in Clinical Practice

Debra A. Wiest MSN, RN, MBA/HCM

    Establishing Evidence-based Standards of Practice for Suicidal Patients in Emergency Medicine

Stacey Bennett RN, BSW, James Daly RN, C, John Kirkwood BA, RN, C, Cathy McKain RN, C, Jolynne Swope BA

    Evidence-based Strategies for the Pharmacological Management of Pediatric Pain During Minor Procedures in the Emergency Department

Linda Hatfield PhD, CNNP, Eric R. Messner MS, CRNP, Kelli Lingg MS, RN, CEN

    Examining the Controversy: Patient Satisfaction Surveys in the Emergency Department

Marc A. Mione BSN, RN, CEN

    Impact of Conceptual Nursing Models in a Professional Environment

Debra A. Wiest MSN, RN, MBA/HCM

    Innovations in Management: Establishing Team Behavioral Norms for a Healthy Workplace

Mickey L. Parsons PhD, MHA, RN, Carla Batres BSN, RN, Clarice Golightly-Jenkins PhD, MSN, RN, CNS

    Innovations in Patient Safety Management: Bedside Nurses' Assessment of Near Misses

Wesley Richardson MSN, RN

    Nurses' Beliefs and Practices of Family Presence During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Invasive Procedures: Review of Literature

Tracee Matincheck ADN, RN

    The Challenges of a Change Agent

Debra A. Wiest MSN, RN, MBA/HCM

    The Necessity of Documentation in Relation to Charges for Emergency Services

Marc A. Mione BSN, RN, CEN

    What Does It Take to Motivate? A Manager's Motivational Plan

Debra A. Wiest MSN, RN, MBA/HCM

    What Kind of Leader Are YOU?

Marge Thorne MSN, RN, MBA/HCM

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   Are We Giving GNs a Chance?

Elizabeth Zapata BSN, RN

   Who's In Charge Here?

Tammey Dick BSN, RN

   A Note From the Publisher   Add to File Drawer

Beth L. Guthy

   Foreword   Add to File Drawer

Debra A. Wiest MSN, RN, MBA/HCM

   The Journey   Add to File Drawer

Carmen Germaine Warner MSN, MAT, RN, FAAN

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