Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation
September/October 2006
Volume 21   Number 5

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    Military TBI During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Deborah Warden MD

    Multimodal Neuroimaging Approaches to Disorders of Consciousness

Nicholas D. Schiff MD

    The Epidemiology and Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Brief Overview

Jean A. Langlois ScD, MPH, Wesley Rutland-Brown MPH, Marlena M. Wald MLS, MPH, Mitchell Rosenthal PhD, ABPP, Issue Editor

    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A Possible Treatment for TBI

Theresa Louise-Bender Pape DrPH, MA, CCC-SLP/L, Joshua Rosenow MD, Gwyn Lewis PhD

    Traumatic Brain Injury Research Since the 1998 NIH Consensus Conference: Accomplishments and Unmet Goals

Kristjan T. Ragnarsson MD

    Update on Biotechnology for TBI Rehabilitation: A Look at the Future

Ross D. Zafonte DO

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   Abstract: An Acute Posttraumatic Brain Injury Treatment Intervention FANCI   Add to File Drawer

Janet P. Niemeier PhD, ABPP, Laura A. Taylor PhD, Jeffrey S. Kreutzer PhD, ABPP

   Abstract: Atomoxetine as a Neurostimulant in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Lisa A. Lombard MD, Ross D. Zafonte DO, Joseph H. Ricker PhD

   Abstract: AVPU as a Severity Score for Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Anna Gaichas MS, Jon Roesler MS, Albert Tsai MD, Samuel Reid MD, Jeffrey Schiff MD, Mark Kinde MPH

   Abstract: Correlation of Traumatic Brain Injury–induced Strain With Cell Damage   Add to File Drawer

Michelle LaPlaca PhD, Gustavo Prado PhD, Liying Zhang PhD, King Yang PhD

   Abstract: Durable Medical Equipment Costs and Aging With Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Lisa Brenner PhD, Marilyn Selinger PhD, Judith E. Glazner MS

   Abstract: Effect of Age at Traumatic Brain Injury on Relative Risk of Mortality   Add to File Drawer

Julie A. Testa PhD, Cynthia L. Leibson PhD, Jayawant N. Mandrekar PhD, Nancy Diehl BS, Allen W. Brown MD, James F. Malec PhD

   Abstract: Effects of Categorization Training in Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation   Add to File Drawer

Fofi Constantinidou PhD, Robin D. Thomas PhD, Lacy Haren BS

   Abstract: Emergency Department Traumatic Brain Injury Follow-up/Services Referral   Add to File Drawer

Ruth Azeredo DrPH, James Fitzgerald DO, Donald W. Bobeck MD, Dee Baughman DO

   Abstract: Employment Status Compared to Disability Rating Scale Employability   Add to File Drawer

Jerry Wright BA, Tamara Bushnik PhD, Flora Hammond MD, Thomas Novack PhD, Ken Wood PhD

   Abstract: Endocrine Abnormalities and Fatigue After Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Elie Elovic MD, Hima S. Doppalapudi MD, Michelle Miller DO, John DeLuca PhD, Brent E. Masel MD, Jonathan L. Fellus MD, Randal J. Urban MD

   Abstract: Establishing a Prognosis for Functional Outcome During Coma Recovery   Add to File Drawer

Theresa Pape DrPH, MA, Sandra Lundgren PhD, ABPP, Allen Heinemann PhD, ABPP, Ann Guernon MS, Anita Giobbie Hurder MS, Heidi Roth MS, PT

   Abstract: Fatigue in the First Year After Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Ketra Toda , Jerry Wright BA, Tamara Bushnik PhD

   Abstract: FIM+FAM for Traumatic Brain Injury Comprehensive Day Program Outcomes   Add to File Drawer

Ronald T. Seel PhD, Greg Wright MS, CRC, CCM, Tracey Wallace MS, CCC-SLP, Sary Newman PT, Leanne Dennis BA, CTRS, CCM

   Abstract: fMRI Changes With Cognitive Rehabilitation in Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Linda Laatsch PhD

   Abstract: Homelessness and Acquired Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Francesca A. LaVecchia PhD

   Abstract: Identification and Appropriate Service Delivery for Children Who Have TBI in Schools   Add to File Drawer

Ann Glang PhD, Jeanne Dise-Lewis PhD, Janet Tyler PhD

   Abstract: Impact of Marriage and Friends on Traumatic Brain Injury: Return-to-work Behavior   Add to File Drawer

Mark D. Faul PhD, Gale G. Whiteneck PhD, Victor G. Coronado MD, MPH, Anbesaw W. Selassie DrPH

   Abstract: Lessons Linking Persons With Traumatic Brain Injury to Information   Add to File Drawer

Pat L. Sample PhD, Barbara Gabella MSPH

   Abstract: Long-term Mortality After Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation   Add to File Drawer

Cynthia Harrison-Felix PhD, Gale Whiteneck PhD, Denise Hart RHIT, Amitabh Jha MD, MPH, Michael J. DeVivo DrPH, Flora Hammond MD

   Abstract: Long-term Outcomes After Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Gale Whiteneck PhD, Melissa Sendroy-Terrill MA, Joseph Coll PhD, C. A. Brooks MSHA

   Abstract: Longitudinal Investigation of the Postschool Transition Experiences of Adolescents With Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Bonnie Todis PhD, Ann Glang PhD, Michael Bullis PhD, Judy Andrews PhD

   Abstract: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms After Emergency Department Discharge   Add to File Drawer

Ned L. Kirsch PhD, Ronald F. Maio DO, Cheribeth U. Tan-Schriner PhD, Shirley Frederiksen RN, M. Lynn Breer PhD, Clare L. Tanner PhD

   Abstract: Minimizing Attrition in Traumatic Brain Injury Lessons Learned   Add to File Drawer

Allison Knotts MS, Flora Hammond MD, Mark Hirsch PhD, Tessa Hart PhD, Sureyya Dikmen PhD, Kathy Bell MD

   Abstract: Nocardia Meningitis in a Marine Injured in Iraq   Add to File Drawer

Jerome E. Herbers MD, George B. Wesley MD, John D. Daigh MD

   Abstract: Objective Methods to Evaluate Improved Function After Intervention for ABI-related Spasticity   Add to File Drawer

Lisa K. Simone PhD, John Rigg MD, Sylvia John MD, Karen J. Nolan PhD, Nappinnai Sundarrajan MS, Elie P. Elovic MD

   Abstract: Outcome of Minor Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Ronald F. Maio DO, Ned L. Kirsch PhD, Cheribeth U. Tan-Schriner PhD, Shirley Frederiksen RN, M. Lynn Breer PhD, Clare L. Tanner PhD

   Abstract: Participation in Home Management Activities Following Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Janet M. Powell PhD, OT, Nancy R. Temkin PhD, Joan E. Machamer MA, Sureyya S. Dikmen PhD

   Abstract: Pediatric Rehabilitation Outcome Based on Emergency Care   Add to File Drawer

Rosemary Brown-Lewis MS, CCC-Sp, Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa MA, CCC-Sp

   Abstract: Perceived Barriers to Accessing Health and Social Services Among Individuals With Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Kyle Muus PhD, Mike Cogan PhD, Susan Offutt PhD, Robin Medalen MSW

   Abstract: Perceived Self-efficacy and Quality of Life in Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Keith D. Cicerone PhD, Joanne Azulay PhD

   Abstract: Postconcussion Symptoms in Traumatic Brain Injury at 6 Months Postinjury   Add to File Drawer

Alan B. Frol PhD, Anne M. Hudak MD, Caryn R. Harper MS, Rajani R. Caesar MD, Carlos Marquez de la Plata PhD, Mary C. Carlile MD, Ramon Diaz-Arrastia MD

   Abstract: Posttraumatic Irritability and Related Factors   Add to File Drawer

Flora Hammond MD, Allison Knotts MS, Mark Hirsch PhD, James Norton PhD, George Demakis PhD, Jim Cook PhD, Ryan Kilmer MD

   Abstract: Problem-solving Abilities and Caregiver Adjustment   Add to File Drawer

Timothy R. Elliott PhD, Patricia Rivera PhD, Jack Berry PhD, Kim Oswald BS, Dennis Adams EdD, Joan Grant PhD

   Abstract: Prospective Imaging of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Assessing Variability   Add to File Drawer

Kelly J. Jantzen PhD, Steve Sedita BSc, Cyrille Magne PhD, Brian Anderson ATF, Fred L. Steinberg MD, J. A. Scott Kelso PhD

   Abstract: Real Life Rehab Outcomes After Injury   Add to File Drawer

Kathryn Schopfer MS, CCC, Ann Marie Warren PhD

   Abstract: Resource Coordination :A Community Model   Add to File Drawer

Stefani O'Dea MA, Anastasia B. Edmonston MS, Charlotte Wisner BS

   Abstract: Robotic Rehabilitation of Hand Function After Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Yoky Matsuoka MD, Ross Zafonte DO, Bambi Roberts-Brewer BS, Christine Luciow-Harrison BS

   Abstract: Screening for Brain Injury in Schoolchildren   Add to File Drawer

Joshua B. Cantor PhD, Wayne A. Gordon PhD, Teresa A. Ashman PhD

   Abstract: SF-36 vs Clinical Measures of Endurance Capacity   Add to File Drawer

Kurt A. Mossberg PT, PhD, Julie Norcross BS, Evelyne Orlander BS

   Abstract: Should We Do More Research on Treatments After Traumatic Brain Injury?   Add to File Drawer

Marcel Dijkers PhD, Wayne Gordon PhD

   Abstract: Social Communication Skills: Training After Traumatic Brain Injury   Add to File Drawer

Cynthia Dahlberg MA, CCC, Lenore Hawley MSW, Clare Morey MA, CCC, Jody Newman MA, CCC, Christopher Cusick BA, Cynthia Harrison-Felix PhD, Joe Coll PhD

   Abstract: Spinal Cord Injury and Comorbid Brain Injury: Preliminary Findings on Incidence, Severity, and Impact on Rehabilitation   Add to File Drawer

Stephen Macciocchi PhD, ABPP, Ron Seel PhD, Nicole Thompson MPH

   Abstract: Supported Leisure Options Client Outcome Project   Add to File Drawer

Jacinta Douglas PhD, Maree Dyson PhD, Peter Foreman MAPS

   Abstract: Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury 11–14 Years Postinjury   Add to File Drawer

Andrea T. Underhill MS, MPH, Steven LoBello PhD, MSPH, Philip R. Fine PhD, MSPH

   Abstract: Test-retest Reliability of Event-related Potentials in Traumatic Brain Injury and Healthy   Add to File Drawer

Henry L. Lew MD, PhD, Max Gray BA, John H. Poole PhD, Rose Marie Salerno RN

   Abstract: The Cognitive and Linguistic Scale   Add to File Drawer

Beth Slomine PhD, Janine Eikenberg MS, CCC-SLP, Cynthia Salorio PhD, Heather Whitney Sesma PhD, Stacy Suskauer MD, James Christensen MD

   Abstract: The Physical Abilities and Mobility Scale   Add to File Drawer

Stacy Suskauer MD, Beth Slomine PhD, Cynthia Salorio PhD, Elena Bradley BA, Lisa Madigan MSPT, Heather Whitney Sesma PhD, James Christensen MD

   Abstract: The Supervision Rating Scale: Does More Mean Less?   Add to File Drawer

Jerry Wright BA, Tamara Bushnik PhD, Flora Hammond MD, Thomas Novack PhD, Ken Wood PhD

   Abstract: The Upper Extremity Measurement Scale   Add to File Drawer

Kelly Dunkleberger MS, OTR/L, Beth Slomine PhD, Cynthia Salorio PhD, Elizabeth Salva MPH, OTR/L, Stacy Suskauer MD, James Christensen MD

   Abstract: Transitional Rehabilitation   Add to File Drawer

Andrew Horstein MD, Barry Dain MSEd, MPH, Brain Quail PsyD, Glenn Seliger MD

   Abstract: Traumatic Brain Injury and Functional Outcomes: Does Minority Status Matter?   Add to File Drawer

Juan Carlos Arango PhD, Mitchell Rosenthal PhD, John DeLuca PhD, David Cifu MD, Robin Hanks PhD, Mark Sherer PhD

   Abstract: Traumatic Brain Injury: Caregiver Distress and Use of Support Services   Add to File Drawer

Lisa J. Rapport PhD, Jeffrey S. Kreutzer PhD, Tessa Hart PhD, Jennifer H. Marwitz MA, Flora Hammond MD

   Abstract: Treatment of Agitation With Propranolol   Add to File Drawer

Jay M. Meythaler MD, JD, Timothy R. Elliott PhD, Yu-ying Chen MD, PhD, Thomas A. Novack PhD

   Abstract: Use Your Brain Increasing Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness   Add to File Drawer

Sara R. Tonizzo MEd, Alice Marie Stevens MEd, Gary R. Chiaverotti MPA, PMP, Adrianne Noe PhD, Alexandra M. Petze MALS

   Abstract: Usefulness of the Abbreviated Injury Score   Add to File Drawer

Ramon Diaz-Arrastia MD, PhD, Brandon P. Foreman BA, Caryn Harper MS, Jennifer Parks MPH, Christopher Madden MD, Mary C. Carlile MD, Larry M. Gentilello MD

   Abstract: Web-based Intervention for Persons With Traumatic Brain Injury and Families   Add to File Drawer

Armando Rotondi PhD, Jennifer Sinkule BA, Michael Spring PhD

   Traumatic Brain Injury Service Linkage: Assessing Existing Strategies   Add to File Drawer

Jon S. Roesler MS, Mark R. Kinde MPH

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