Journal of Trauma Nursing
January/March 2007
Volume 14   Number 1

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   Penetrating Neck Injuries in Children

Carol A.L. Hanson MSN, RN, Jill Ann Smith RN

 Featured Articles   << Previous Issue   Next Issue >>  
    "The Calm After the Storm"

Sally Jacko RN, MPH, Marla L. Vanore RN, MHA, Diane H. Perks BSN, CPN, RN

    A Patient Education Tool for Nonoperative Management of Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Julie Marie Budinger MSN, RNCS, CRNP, BSN

    Continued Professional Competence and Portfolios

Michelle Byrne RN, PhD, CNOR, Teresa Delarose RN, MN, EdD, CNOR, Cecil A. King RN, MS, CNOR, APN, Jane Leske PhD, APRN-BC, Kathryn G. Sapnas RN, PhD, CNOR, CCRN, Kathryn Schroeter RN, PhD, CNOR

    Donation After Cardiac Death: Lessons Learned

Patty Sills BSN, RN, Holly A. Bair MSN, RN, NP, Liz Gates BS, RN, Randy J. Janczyk MD

 Departments   << Previous Issue   Next Issue >>  
   Clinical Care: Body Piercing/Tattooing and Trauma Diagnostic Imaging: Medical Myths vs Realities

Scott Deboer RN, MSN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, Donald Fishman MD, Walter Chwals MD, FACS, FAAP, FCCM, Christopher Straus MD, Troy Amundson EMT-B, Christopher B. Powe RN, MSN, CCRN, CFRN, ACNP

   Clinical Care: Hey! I'm Strapped to this Board and Can't Get Up!

Donna Kinnamont Hall Merrifield RN, ADN, LNC, CEN, Deb Battle RN, MS, CEN, CCNS, Christopher B. Powe RN, MSN, CCRN, CFRN, ACNP

   Leadership Development: Ask The Expert

John H. Spearman , Robynn Gough Smith RN, BSN

   Personal Viewpoint: Lessons Learned When Science Meets Legislation

Leon J. Owens MD, FACS, AAST

   Safety: Have We Seen the Last of Sharp Retractor Use in Surgical, Emergent, or Trauma Procedures?

Karry O'Saben RN, BSN

   Editorial: Advocacy: The Tool of a Hero   Add to File Drawer

Kathryn Schroeter PhD, RN, CNOR

   LETTERS TO THE EDITOR   Add to File Drawer

   LETTERS TO THE EDITOR   Add to File Drawer

   News: Society of Trauma Nursing News and Notes   Add to File Drawer

Marla L. Vanore RN, MHA

   President's Message: How Do I Get More Involved in STN?   Add to File Drawer

Marla L. Vanore RN, MHA, President, Society of Trauma Nurse, Marla L. Vanore RN, MHA

   Trauma Library in Review: Impact of Georgia's Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act   Add to File Drawer

Deborah K. Niedbala RN MSN CEN, Eileen Houseknecht RN, BSN

   Trauma Library in Review: Trauma Nurse Specialists' Performance of Advanced Skills Positively Impacts Surgical Residency Time Constraints   Add to File Drawer

Regina S. Medeiros RN, MHSA, CCRN, Eileen Houseknecht RN, BSN

   Trauma Library in Review: Trends in Operative Management of Pediatric Splenic Injury in a Regionalized Trauma System   Add to File Drawer

Eileen Houseknecht RN, BSN

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