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Alcohol Misuse
6.7 contact hours - $19.99
Regardless of clinical setting or level of practice, nurses will likely find themselves caring for patients and families affected by alcohol misuse. Alcohol consumption carries serious health and social consequences associated with intoxication, dependence, and other toxic, biochemical effects.

Bariatric Surgery
7.6 contact hours - $19.99
Bariatric surgery has become an increasingly common treatment for obesity, and nurses encounter its related complications no matter your practice setting.

Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk
9.8 contact hours
- $24.99

The Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk involves assessing 6 subscales: sensory perception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition, and friction/shear. It can be completed in less than one minute and allows us to quickly determine pressure sore risk and implement appropriate preventive strategies for our patients.

BRCA - Making decisions based on genetic risk
7.6 contact hours - $19.99

Increase your knowledge about BRCA and genetic risk in order to answer any of your patients' questions and aid them in making informed decisions.

Breast Cancer
8.2 contact hours - $24.99

This collection of continuing education articles will increase your knowledge and enable you to provide patient education that is up-to-date and thorough about breast cancer.

7.7 contact hours - $19.99

Brush up on the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk, and learn best practices for guiding mothers and managing difficulties.

Care of Older Adults:  Nutrition
8.2 contact hours - $24.99
Physiologic changes and chronic illnesses often contribute to altered nutritional status in older adults. Assessing for eating and feeding problems is essential with this population. As nurses, we can also provide guidance to patients and caregivers to help them make decisions on options for nutrition using evidence-based nutrition guidelines and feeding strategies.

Childhood Obesity
9.4 contact hours - $24.99
It is becoming increasingly important to educate families and the public on weight management and risk reduction. We must also keep our knowledge up-to-date on the management of childhood obesity and potential complications.

Domestic Violence
6.9 contact hours
- $19.99

Review the latest resources and insights to help you screen for domestic violence and provide the best patient care.

Elder Abuse
6.8 contact hours
- $19.99

As our population ages, it is important that we are able to screen for elder abuse. Make sure you are informed about screening methods and interventions for prevention, and that you know about resources to help patients and their caregivers.

Ethical Issues at the End-of-Life
7.4 contact hours - $19.99

Many of us encounter ethical dilemmas quite often in our practice. When it comes to end-of-life issues, these dilemmas can have a profound impact on us as individuals; it can be challenging to process our own beliefs and advocate for the wishes of our patients and their loved ones.

Faith Community Nursing
7.5 contact hours - $19.99
Faith community nurses (FCN) provide patient populations with understanding and education, as well as play a vital role in evaluating faith-based interventions.

6.9 contact hours
- $19.99

Many of us care for patients with HIV in our practice, whether we work in a setting dedicated to treating this patient population or not.

Medication Safety
10.4 contact hours - $24.99

As nurses, medication safety is one of our top priorities. In many settings, new technologies, policies, and standards are being updated and developed to ensure safe medication administration and minimize the occurrence of medication errors.

Nursing Management
7.3 contact hours
- $19.99

Nurse managers have a multitude of responsibilities and face many issues and challenges. Not only tasked with staffing and scheduling, nurse managers also handle financials, safety issues, and regulatory readiness.

Nutrition: Helping patients make informed decisions
10.1 contact hours, $24.99

In the United States, the high prevalence of overweight and obesity has led to increased attention on the importance of nutrition. Brush up on the foods and nutrients commonly found in the traditional Mediterranean diet; safety concerns of energy drinks; nutrition myths and scientific evidence regarding milk and dairy products; and the importance of individualizing calorie balance.

Older Adults
9.9 contact hours
- $24.99

Chances are, no matter where you work, you encounter older adults in your practice. Older adults are among the fastest growing age groups. Make sure you are ready to meet the unique needs of this population and provide the best care.

Organ Donation
7.0 contact hours
- $19.99

There are many ethical and legal issues surrounding organ transplantation. This collection is a good resource for learning more about organ donation and transplantation.

Pain Management
6.5 contact hours - $19.99

To improve pain management for our patients, it is critical that we have a solid understanding of available interventions, both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic.

Pediatric Asthma
6.3 contact hours - $24.99
Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in childhood and affects over 6 million children in the United States. These children have significantly higher hospitalization and ED visit rates than their peers. Learn more about the diagnosis, treatment, and management of this health concern. 

Pediatrics: Recognize common problems and intervene
8.4 contact hours
- $24.99

Nurses who care for kids need to be ready to recognize problems in a timely manner and intervene when necessary. The four continuing education articles in this collection are good resources to update your knowledge and understanding of concussions, autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and self-injury behavior.

Pregnancy - Addressing risks
8.3 contact hours
- $24.99

Learn more about pregnancy including risks related to obesity, occupational hazards for nurses, and a systematic review on obstetric triage.

Suicide assessment and prevention
6.5 contact hours
- $19.99

Even if we don't routinely care for patients with mental illness, patients that we encounter may have a mental illness of which we are unaware. Some patients may have an undiagnosed or newly diagnosed disorder that may increase their suicide risk, whether due to its pathophysiology or its impact on quality of life. Use this collection to learn more about suicidal ideation and how to do a suicide assessment.

Summer CE Collection
9.1 contact hours
- $24.99

During the summer months, nurses should become more vigilant about the conditions that increase in frequency due to outdoor activities. Whether at work, on vacation, or in your community, you need to recognize and to intervene in a timely manner. This collection includes topics related to skin cancer, injuries, bites, and heat-related illnesses, and will prepare you for the summer months.

Technology and Nursing
8.8 contact hours
- $24.99

Technological advances influence our nursing practice every day, from the care we provide to documentation and patient education. It is critical that all of us have a solid understanding of devices and applications currently in use at our workplace and also that we are open to exploring new technologies as they become available.

8.7 contact hours
- $24.99

As nurses, we have a responsibility to educate patients about the importance of vaccinations and the implications when vaccine-preventable diseases reemerge.

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