Inspired Nurses Calendar 2017: It’s My Pleasure

Lippincott is partnering with Lippincott Solutions to bring you an inspired nurse’s story every month. Here is November’s nurse story, “It’s My Pleasure.”
it-s-my-pleasure-November-2017.jpgIt’s My Pleasure
Katie Fadell-Mann, RN
Ebenezer Lake City Care Center
My Dad was a double lung transplant recipient in 2006. What inspired me to be a nurse was seeing the difference his nurse made in his care. His nurse, Sara literally did not leave his side for the first two days after his surgery. When I asked where I could send a gift to for her to thank her for all she had done, she said, "There's no need, it's my pleasure to take care of your Dad."
I started going to school for nursing a few months later.


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