Special Report: Bone and Joint Health
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  Bone & Joint Health for Women Today   Ask the Expert:  Questions and Answers about Bone & Joint Health
  Alternative Option for Bone & Joint Pain   Lifestyle Corner:  What You Can Do to Improve Your Bone Health
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National Women's Health Report:  Bone & Joint Health for Women Today (PDF)

Take a step. Now take another step. Now do a knee bend. Now bend over and try to touch your toes. With just those four simple movements, you have used numerous bones and joints, as well as the cartilage and ligaments that connect them to one another, enabling movement. Every day you call upon these important body parts thousands of times as you walk, run, rise, sit, stretch, carry, dance, swim and just plain move.










Alternative Option for Bone and Joint Pain

While nonsteroidal pain relievers (Ibuprofen [Motrin], among others) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) can definitely help with the pain of osteoarthritis, they each carry significant side effects: gastrointestinal bleeding and possible cardiovascular problems with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and liver toxicity with acetaminophen.









Ages & Stages:  Girls and Sport Injuries

Many women today never had the sports-related opportunities their daughters and nieces now have because when they were growing up, sports were for boys.








Ask the Expert:  Questions and Answers about Bone and Joint Health

I heard about a surgery I can get for the crushed vertebrae in my back. Do you recommend it?







Lifestyle Corner:  What You Can Do to Improve Your Bone Health

By now you've read about the various treatments available for arthritis, osteoporosis and various joint problems. How about preventing the damage and pain in the first place?








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