1. Roosevelt , Lee K.
  2. Kattari , Leonardo
  3. Yingling , Charles


Nurses play a critical role in providing gender-affirming care for transgender and gender-diverse youth. With heightened debate about the clinical care for transgender and gender-diverse youth in the national and global spotlight, now more than ever before nurses must equip themselves with the knowledge and the evidence spanning more than 4 decades that support the clinical use of gender-affirming care for youth and young adults. By exploring gender development and gender-affirming care approaches through the lifespan perspective, this review provides an up-to-date discussion about best practices and clinical implications for providing equitable care for transgender and gender-diverse youth from birth to childhood and through adolescence developmental phases. A transgender and gender-diverse youth's future willingness to access health care is dependent on how positive their interactions are with their care team at this sensitive moment in their life. Nurses must not let political rhetoric impede their practice and ethical guidelines to provide competent, skilled, and unbiased care. Knowledgeable, informed, and empowered nurses can provide life-saving care to transgender and gender-diverse youth and their families.