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Understanding Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice involves the incorporation of three components to improve outcomes and quality of life. External evidence includes systematic reviews, randomized control trials, best practice, and clinical practice guidelines that support a change in clinical practice. Internal evidence includes health care institution based quality improvement projects, outcome management initiatives, and clinical expertise. Accounting for patient preferences and values is the third component of this critical equation.
Research + Clinical Expertise + Patient Preference = EBP

The articles below will help you understand the true meaning of evidence-based practice and why it is so important to incorporate all three components. It is not enough to base practice on one research study. A critical analysis of available research, putting the findings in the context of your organization, and adding the perspectives and judgment of clinicians and patients is imperative for true evidence-based practice.

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 From best evidence to best practice
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, September/October 2017

 Strategies to heighten EBP engagement
Nursing Management, February 2017

 Defining and Understanding Pilot and Other Feasibility Studies
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, March 2017

 Improving the Use of Evidence-Based Practice and Research Utilization Through the Identification of Barriers to Implementation in a Critical Access Hospital
JONA: Journal of Nursing Administration, January2017

 The sacred cow project: Is your practice “udderly” out of date?
Nursing2016, November 2016

 Exploring Evidence-Based Practice Research
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, August 2014

 The Systematic Review: An Overview
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, March 2014

 Get To Know Research Terms
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, April 2014

 To Make Your Case, Start With A PICOT Question
Nursing2014, February 2014

 Evidence-Based Practice: The Cochrane Nursing Care Corner
Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice, February 2014

 Clinical Inquiry: How to Find and Evaluate Pertinent Research
AACN Advanced Critical Care, December 2013

 Evidence-based nursing: Practice models: A concept analysis
Nursing Management, October 2013

 Evidence-based nursing: Clinical and operational collaboration in value analysis
Nursing Management, September 2013

 Insights: Why Does Translational Research Matter to Cancer Nursing Researchers?
Cancer Nursing, August 2013

 Managing Complex Research Datasets Using Electronic Tools: A Meta-Analysis Exemplar
CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, June 2013

 Anatomy of an evidence-based policy
Nursing2013, June 2013

 Evidence-based nursing: Finding the way to evidence-based practice
Nursing Management, May 2013

 Awareness of Evidence-Based Practices Alone Does Not Translate to Implementation: Insights From Implementation Research
Quality Management in Health Care, June 2013

  Interpreting and Using Meta-Analysis in Clinical Practice
Orthopaedic Nursing, April 2013

  Evidence-based nursing: The triad of excellence: Acuity, accuracy, approval
Nursing Management, April 2013

  Using Research to Advance Nursing Practice: Comparative Research Design: A Guide for the Clinical Nurse Specialist
Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice, April 2013

 Evidence-Based Practice in Hospice: Is Qualitative More Appropriate Than Quantitative?
Home Healthcare Nurse, April 2013


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