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osteoporosis, spinal fractures



  1. Paier, Geraldine S. PhD, MSN, CRNP


This study sought to document the experience of women who suffer postmenopausal vertebral fractures.As the women described it, the essential structure of the experience of postmenopausal spinal fractures was an abrupt descent into disease, disability, and deformity. Each informant described significant challenges to her ability to continue to function as a whole, independent person. Constant pain, loss of independent function, changes in physical appearance, feelings of isolation, a sense of vulnerability, and an uncertain future were the hallmarks of the experience. This study identified specific areas of concern and suggests new focuses for nursing intervention with women with spinal fractures. An intervention program that incorporates education, programs to regain or maintain function, pain management, techniques to reduce stress and isolation, and promotion of self-care ability has the potential to enhance the quality of life for women with postmenopausal spinal fractures.