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Present and accounted for

ClearCount Medical Solutions announces 510(k) clearance of its SmartWand-DTX, a new way to prevent retained surgical sponges. The SmartWand is a radio frequency identification-based solution that allows caregivers to wand over an unopened pack of sponges to get a count and then validate their count-out with another wand over used sponges after surgery. If the counts don't match, the surgeon wands over the patient to locate the missing sponge. The SmartSponge System is also available, providing a SmartBucket for collection of the sponges. Because each sponge is given a unique ID, each sponge is accounted for at all times.

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Safe handling a go-go

Carmel Pharma, the manufacturer of the PhaSeal System for the safe handling of hazardous drugs, introduces a selection of new PhaSeal components. Each has been designed taking into account customer feedback to offer even greater ease of use. These new products include the Injector Luer Lock (N35), with a new ergonomic design and passive safety technology; the Secondary Set (C60), a nonvented set with a built-in drip chamber/tubing that reduces the steps needed to prepare an infusion and a universal spike with a PhaSeal Connector that enables safe, leakproof drug transfer; the Connector Luer Lock (C35), which allows smooth and secure connection/disconnection of the new PhaSeal Injector Luer Lock; and the Connector Luer Lock (C45), a standard male luer lock that attaches to I.V. lines for leakproof I.V. push administration, infusion, or sealed syringe-to-syringe drug transfers.


All-in-one, all in hand

The Voalte One system by Voalte provides voice, alarm, and text services all in one device. Developed for Apple's iPhone, Voalte is designed to be a unified communication solution, combining phone calls across the hospital private branch exchange, text messaging via a visual user directory, and user-friendly alarm management. With Voalte, caregivers can receive and respond to alarms dispatched by over 200 hospital systems and devices-optimizing workflow and improving patient satisfaction and safety, according to the manufacturer.

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