1. Belavic, Jennifer PharmD

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Do you know what they contain? Match the brand names in Section I with the generic ingredients in Section II.



_____ 1. Trusopt (Merck)


_____ 2. Timoptic (Merck)


_____ 3. Xalatan (Pfizer)


_____ 4. Alphagan P (Allergan)



a. latanoprost 0.005%

This prostaglandin-like compound is thought to decrease intraocular pressure by increasing aqueous humor outflow. Advise patients about the potential for eyelid skin darkening, increased brown pigmentation of the iris, and eyelash changes that may be reversible with drug discontinuation.


b. dorzolamide 2%

This carbonic anhydrase inhibitor works by decreasing aqueous humor secretion. Teach patients to prevent the tip of the dispensing container from touching the eye or surrounding structures because this could contaminate the tip with common bacteria known to cause ocular infections.


c. brimonidine 0.1%, 0.15%

An alpha-adrenergic agonist, this drug decreases aqueous humor production and increases aqueous humor outflow. Brimonidine is contraindicated in patients receiving monoamine oxidase inhibitor therapy because of possible hypertensive effects.


d. timolol 0.25%, 0.5%

This nonselective beta-adrenergic blocker decreases intraocular pressure when applied topically to the eye. The same adverse reactions found with systemic administration of beta-adrenergic agents may occur with topical administration, such as severe bronchospasm in patients with asthma.

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