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Cardiac catheterization, Percutaneous cardiac intervention, Risk predictor tools



  1. Sedlacek, Mary Ann BSN, CPAN
  2. Newsome, Joseph MSN, CCNS


Retroperitoneal bleeding, femoral hematomas, femoral artery dissection, and pseudoaneurysms can be devastating complications of cardiac catheterization procedures. A practice team in our organization completed a review of literature and developed a Cardiac Catheterization Risk Predictor Tool based on evidence-based research. The aim of this risk predictor tool is to identify predisposing risk factors that place a patient at a greater risk of developing vascular bleeding complications after cardiac catheterization. This retrospective study used the tool to compare patients who developed bleeding complications with those who did not develop bleeding complications following cardiac catheterization. Findings show that this tool did identify patients who are at a higher risk for bleeding.