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colonialism, ecofeminism, ecology, environment, feminism, immigrants, indigenous people, migrants, migration, theory



  1. McGuire, Sr. Sharon OP, MSN, CFNP


Global migration is occurring at an unprecedented rate.The phenomenon of migration is complex and poorly understood by most people in countries who host immigrants. People migrate for numerous reasons related to social, economic, political, cultural, and physical environmental conditions formed by historical antecedents. Migrating people, especially vulnerable women and children, are exposed to numerous health hazards, a situation calling for a response from nursing. To respond effectively nursing needs knowledge development of global migration and health that includes the precursors to migration in addition to the postmigration experience where nurses encounter immigrants. Ecofeminist perspectives allowing for reflection on historical determinants and interlocking socioeconomic, political, and environmental conditions are used as a prism to examine global migration and health.