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client, community-based, conceptual model framework, nurse managed center, nursing, nursing care, nursing interventions, Omaha System, outcomes, patient, process, quality, structure, students



  1. Cohen, Jayne DNSc, RNC, NP
  2. Saylor, Coleen PhD, RN
  3. Holzemer, William L. PhD, RN, FAAN
  4. Gorenberg, Bobbye DNSc, RN


This article describes a conceptual model that provides an organizing framework for assessing client outcomes in community-based settings. The "Outcomes Model for Community-Based Settings" (OMCBS) examines the relationships among structure, process, and outcomes juxtaposed to the dimensions of client, provider, and setting including sample measures for each variable. OMCBS incorporates the Omaha System including its comprehensive list of client health problems, nursing interventions, and an outcome rating scale assessing client knowledge, behavior, and health status to standardize nursing care and client outcomes. The OMCBS provides a strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing interventions for clients in a variety of milieus.