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No more lost sponges with automated counter

Clearcount Medical Solutions' SmartWand-DTX and SmartSponge System is a new patient safety tool that can easily augment manual sponge counts. SmartWand-DTX is the new, lower-cost radiofrequency identification (RFID) system for finding virtually any size or type of retained surgical sponges. An RFID chip smaller than a dime is placed in each sponge, providing a unique identification of the sponge.


Before surgery, the surgical sponges are scanned and the machine tallies the "in" count. As sponges are removed from the field, they can go directly into the SmartBucket one at a time or in larger quantities-the bucket automatically tallies the "out" count. After the surgical procedure, any discrepancy in the count will be displayed in the "find" column.

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The SmartSponge System reduces wasted OR time spent resolving count discrepancies and is a platform for future safety products. The system eliminates X-ray costs associated with the effort to locate missing sponges, patient complications caused by retained surgical sponges, and the risk of costly litigation. The system is FDA-approved.


Sonic irrigator cleans equipment fast

Medisafe America's Sonic Irrigator PCF is the company's largest, most aggressive floor model cannulated instrument-cleaning system. It cleans cannulated, surgical instruments inside and out in a fully validated and clinically tested process. The system combines automatic fill, auto prewashing, auto enzyme injection, auto "pulsed" sonic-flushing wash, auto "pulsed" sonic-rinsing, and auto drain. Up to 20 instruments can be cleaned at temperatures up to 140[degrees] F (60[degrees] C) in about 35 minutes.


The system has a slide and lock basket, optional convenient spray arm, oversized basin, "sonic only" mode, and an interlocking cabinet design that allows for a side-by-side, dual tank system.

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Concentrated enzymatic detergent is small and mighty

Ruhof Healthcare's Super-concentrate Endozime Xtreme Power enzymatic detergent is designed for use in all endoscope washers, washer disinfectors, ultrasonic washers, and for manual cleaning. Enhanced with advanced proteolytic action to greatly increase protease enzyme activity, Endozime Xtreme Power penetrates into the hardest-to-reach channels of scopes and cannulated instruments, instantly and actively breaking down gross contaminants upon contact. It removes biofilm including blood, carbohydrates, protein, fats, oils, and other nitrogenous compounds.


The super-concentrate dilutes as low as 1/8 ounce per gallon, and is available in small bottles that are easy to carry and store. Endozime Xtreme Power is effective in all water temperatures, has a no-foam formula, and is 100% biodegradable. The detergent is safe for use on all surgical instruments and scopes, including metals, plastic, rubber, or corrugated tubing.

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Isolation gowns have you covered

Kimberly-Clark Health Care's KC-300 line of isolation gowns offers best-in-class protection in the OR. The KC-300 line of gowns offers maximum protection when expected risk of exposure to fluid is moderate. The line features optimum balance of comfort, fluid-, flame-, and lint-resistance, as well as optional Secure-Fit technology to reduce surgical glove slip-down. Microcool gowns offer breathable, impervious fabric that provides the highest protection, while still keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.


The KC-300 line of gowns has the widest choice of configurations, sizes, and lengths available. The line of surgical drapes feature heavy-duty fabric designed for longer, high-fluid procedures that eliminate the need for costly drape layering. The gowns meet the maximum rating for flame resistance and help to prevent abrasion and lint contamination.

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