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Hypermedia, Hypermedia-assisted, Gagne, Instructional design, CD-ROM



  1. Sternberger, Carol PhD, RNC
  2. Meyer, Linda PhD, RN


The use of computers in nursing education has evolved from elementary drill and practice tutorials to challenging presentations. Hypermedia technology has emerged as a powerful method of instruction that allows the user to experience new concepts, gain cognitive skill, and encounter realistic clinical situations in a no-harm environment. Hypermedia incorporates sound, video, graphics, text, and interaction. This article describes the process used to develop a CD-ROM for adult cardiovascular nursing that can be used as an interactive instructional program. A description of the use of Gagne's instructional design theory is incorporated as a framework to guide the project. Educators possess knowledge expertise and must become involved in the design of new teaching methodologies. If instructional design principles are followed when using authoring software, learners are motivated with real, challenging, life-like, nonthreatening scenarios to expand their critical-thinking and decision-making skills.