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Cobedding, Infant, Premature, Kangaroo Care, Multiple Birth, Skin-to-Skin Contact, Triplets



  1. Swinth, Joan Y. BSN, RNC
  2. Nelson, Laure E. RNC
  3. Hadeed, Anthony MD, FAAP
  4. Anderson, Gene Cranston PhD, RN, FAAN


The mother in this case study already had four children at home and was afraid she would be unable to bond to three additional babies. This article describes her experiences with shared kangaroo care (holding all three infants at once), how these experiences relieved her fears, and how kangaroo care was extended by co-bedding the triplets in a single pediatric crib. Clinical nurse specialists and advanced nurse practitioners can use the successful outcome reported here to promote kangaroo care for families with naturally occurring triplets as well as those families whose triplets result from treatment for infertility.