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community assessment, cultural assessment, refugee, refugee health, vulnerable populations



  1. Springer, Pamela J. PhD, RN
  2. Black, Mikal MSN, RN
  3. Martz, Kim MSN, RN
  4. Deckys, Cathy MSc, RN
  5. Soelberg, Terri MEd


The Somali Bantu represent a subset of African refugees, many of whom are preliterate with no native written language. This population presents significant challenges for nurses and other healthcare providers. A community-based participatory research project using qualitative techniques to combine community and cultural assessment was conducted over 18 months. A thorough description of methodology and results are provided. The results of the assessment are discussed as well as implications for healthcare providers. The findings indicate that this is a vulnerable population, with limited resources placing them at high risk for health disparities. Further research should focus on obtaining actual health data.