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  1. Mailey, Sharon S. PhD, RN
  2. Charles, Jennell PhD, RN
  3. Piper, Sharon PhD, MPH, RN
  4. Hunt-McCool, Janet PhD
  5. Wilborne-Davis, Paula MPH, CHES
  6. Baigis, Judith PhD, RN, FAAN


Nursing work force analysis gives crucial data for administrators, allowing them to anticipate employment opportunities and areas of limited growth. Using an economic model of supply and demand, this study examined the employment and educational needs for nurses. In many areas of data collection, the District of Columbia data paralleled national trends, indicating the nationwide relevance of the conclusions. Projected mismatches between the type of nurses (by educational preparation) entering the work force and the skills required for the job vacancies could lead to increased demand for nurses with certain credentials as well as shortages of nurses in certain types of facilities.