1. Geigle, Paula Richley PT, PhD

Article Content

Aging gracefully evolves differently for each of us personally and professionally. One of the obvious age advantages I overlooked is my circle of supportive colleagues. This aquatic exercise special edition of Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation is a collective reflection of the talented individuals who steadily surround, support, and inspire me. As I prepared the final document I fully understood how fortunate I am to routinely experience the expertise and professionalism of all the contributing authors and reviewers. Their collective clinical, research, and life experiences offer current aquatic practice guidelines and direction for the aging population. All contributing authors and peer reviewers are accomplished, busy professionals. In spite of time and energy demands all graciously agreed to share their expertise to produce an outstanding publication. We offer this aquatic exercise edition to support healthy, active aging. Aquatic exercise is not for each individual but does provide an environment particularly advantageous for maturing bodies. The goal of this publication is to inform clinicians how to optimally utilize the aquatic environment to foster clients' active, engaged aging across the healthcare spectrum.


- Paula Richley Geigle, PT, PhD


School of Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Issue Editor