complex decongestive physiotherapy, primary lymphedema, psoriasis.



  1. Kaya, Serap PT, MSc
  2. Akbayrak, Turkan PT, PhD
  3. Bakar, Yesim PT, PhD
  4. Topuz, Semra PT, PhD


In this study the effectiveness of complex decongestive physiotherapy (CDP) in a patient with psoriasis-related primary lymphedema is reported. We describe a case of 61-year-old woman with bilateral lower extremity primary lymphedema diagnosed with lymphoscintigraphy. She had lymphedema for 5 years and lymphedema of the left extremity was more severe than that of the right. The CDP program was applied once a day 5 days a week for 7 weeks and continued as a home program after 7 weeks. Assessments were performed before, right after, and 1 month after the treatment. After the CDP program, we detected a significant decrease in the volume of the lower extremities, especially on the left side. Furthermore, complaints related to lymphedema, such as discomfort and feeling of tension and heaviness on the lymphedema area, and limitation in functional activities, improved with this program. Active and passive range of motions of the knee and ankle improved in the affected side. At 1-month-follow up, the volume of extremities further decreased and other improvements maintained at the level after treatment. CDP can be an effective treatment method in psoriasis-related primary lymphedema but further studies, especially of larger sample size, are needed.