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"As the coordinator of AJN's Art of Nursing department, I'm intrigued by intersections between the two fields: Art and Nursing," writes Sylvia Foley, senior editor, in her blog post showcasing the many talents of nurses, from creative writing to painting to photography. Bookmark or subscribe to our blog Off the Charts ( to read daily updates and share your thoughts on what you see in your nursing world.



"I don't think that many could argue that nurses are better trained for the one-on-one contact of direct patient care." "A great part of how civilized you are lies in how you look after your sick. . . ." "Our role is not to define what quality of life should mean to them or how many years constitute a 'good life.'" "In hospitals of excellence, such reporting is encouraged and dialogue, no matter how difficult, is pursued." "[I]f nurses do decide to strike, they will be like the air traffic controllers. . . ."


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* Behind the Article: Patricia M. Pittman, author of "U.S.-Based Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Nurses: Implications of an Emerging Industry," and Susan E. Shapiro, author of "Rapid Response Teams Seen Through the Eyes of the Nurse," chat about their articles with editorial director Maureen Shawn Kennedy.