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  1. Richmond, Jacqueline A. PhD, MPH, RN
  2. Bailey, Donald E. Jr. PhD, RN
  3. McHutchison, John G. MD
  4. Muir, Andrew J. MD


The use of mind-body medicine by patients with chronic hepatitis C has not been reported. The prevalence and reasons for using mind-body medicine and prayer among a cohort of patients with chronic hepatitis C are described. Use of mind-body medicine and prayer was investigated as a component of a larger exploratory, descriptive study of the use of complementary and alternative medicine by patients with hepatitis C attending a tertiary healthcare facility in the United States. An investigator-designed self-administered questionnaire (n = 149) and semistructured interview (n = 28) were completed by participants. Eighty-eight percent (n = 105) of participants had used mind-body medicine in the past 12 months. The most commonly used therapies were prayer for health reasons (90%), deep breathing (29%), and meditation (29%). Mind-body medicine was most commonly used to relieve tension and promote general well-being. The use of mind-body medicine was widespread among patients with chronic hepatitis C. To provide patient-centered healthcare, health providers need to be aware of the alternative support strategies, including mind-body medicine, used by patients.