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Postpartum depression, Community nursing



  1. Straub, Hilary PhD, RNC
  2. Cross, Judy MS, RN, FNP
  3. Curtis, Susan MS, RN
  4. Iverson, Sherry RN
  5. Jacobsmeyer, Marsha BS, RN
  6. Anderson, Cindy MS, RN
  7. Sorenson, Michelle MS, LPC


In response to several women who presented with postpartum depression in 1 year, a group of nurses developed a task force made up of hospital nurses, obstetricians, psychiatrists, pediatricians, family practitioners, lactation specialists, home care nurses, and mental health counselors. The purposes of this task force were to educate health care professionals about postpartum depression, to help identify women who might be affected, and to develop interventions for adjusting to parenthood. This article details the evolution of that task force, and how it has assisted not only the women but also the health care providers involved.