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As 1998 nears, I want to tahnk those people whose advice and guidance were instrumental in shaping the direction of nursing administration knowledge throughout the pages of The Journal of Nursing Administration, particularly our 26 editorial advisors, whose names are listed on the masterhead.


In addition to these advisors, the following people contributed to editorial development by reviewing manuscripts:


Carolyn E. Adams, EdD, RN, CNAA


Associate Professor; Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education; Washington State University; Spokane, Washington


Marjorie Barter, EdD, RN


Associate Professor; School of Nursing; University of San Francisco, California


Maureen McCormac Bueno, PhD, RN, CNAA


Assistant Vice President; Center for Disease Management and Clinical Outcomes; Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital; New Brunswick, New Jersey


June A. Schmele, PhD, RN


Associate Professor; University of Oklahoma; College of Nusing; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma