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"Are nurses who experience job-related injury or illness the proverbial canaries in the coal mines, harbingers of an increasingly common and serious problem?" asks Maureen Shawn Kennedy, AJN's interim editor-in-chief, in her blog post "Nursing Is Hazardous to Our Health." Bookmark or subscribe to our blog Off the Charts ( to read daily updates and share your thoughts on what you see in your nursing world.



"Sometimes 'medicine' does not do the soul justice nor provide the correct treatment." "Being a nurse does not have to mean sacrificing your whole life caring for others." "Nurses have to start understanding the economics of hospitals and healthcare." "I believe the general public does not truly realize that RNs in hospitals are often responsible for almost everything that happens to patients while they're in the hospital." "[I]t is a bit upsetting that hospitals would rather recruit nurses from other countries, instead of properly investing time and money in the glut of new nurses that currently exists."


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