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YOUR VOICE Is Being Heard-Your Presence in Washington

With the unpredictable future of the implementation of the new HealthCare Reform Bill, the HPNA Board of Directors made the decision to seek a firm to represent the interests of hospice and palliative nurses. We were fortunate to be able to acquire the services of Bryan Cave LLP to represent our government-relations interests. Our representatives are Bill Applegate and Chris Rorick. Over the past 4 months, these individuals have kept us informed daily of all activities occurring on the Hill, actively engaged in conversations with our coalition partners, and participated in our public policy calls offering guidance along the way.


In response to a request to define our three public policy priorities, the HPNA Board of Directors had a healthy discussion during its April 17, 2010, board meeting, and here are the three areas of priorities approved by the board at that time:


(1) equitable funding for research,


(2) ensuring quality in palliative care through staff education and appropriate staffing guidelines for nursing and other palliative care professionals,


(3) decreasing regulatory and legislative barriers to build capacity within the current system.



We have experienced several opportunities for our voice to be heard in Washington.


* On March, 16, 2010, B. Paukstis, R. Oakes, and C. Reilly attended the Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) and made visits to Congresswoman Capps as well as their respective state senators.


* By invitation, over a 2-month period, C. Dahlin, B. Ferrell, J. Lentz, I. Corless, and R. Gibson joined V. Tilden to construct an advance care planning policy statement for the American Association of Nursing.


* On May 5, 2010, J. Lentz participated by invitation to join Congressman Blumenauer and other stakeholders in a strategic session on how to proceed with advance care planning legislation.


* B. Applegate and C. Rorick will represent HPNA at a Health Care Briefing scheduled for May 13, 2010, entitled "Will Health Professionals Be Prepared to Meet the Demands of Health Reform?"


* On May 19, 2010, J. Buck, B. Paukstis, J. Lentz, and C. Reilly joined B. Applegate and C. Rorick in a visit to the Hill to meet with staff members of several key congressional leaders to discuss our priorities.



All of these activities project our voice and our concerns for improving hospice and palliative nursing across the nation while simultaneously working with the Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition and the Pediatric Collaborative to address the interdisciplinary issues across the life span. For more information, follow along with our various methods of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, blog) as well as the public policy section of our Web site, our bimonthly e-newsletters, and live chats. Chad Reilly works tirelessly to keep you informed. Your organization is very busy on your behalf. Your continued support is vital and greatly appreciated.


Content Experts Named

With all of the efforts to reach out to our nursing colleagues in other specialty organizations, a need was identified to name individuals who met specific eligibility criteria to serve as HPNA Content Experts. These individuals will be called upon to serve in HPNA Speakers' Bureau and serve as consultants for other organizations to assist in developing position papers, review products, and so on.


After reviewing several excellent curricula vitae, the HPNA Board of Directors narrowed the list to 14 highly qualified individuals, and they are identified in the following list with their primary topic of expertise:


* Meg Campbell-dyspnea


* Nessa Coyle-pain management


* Pat Coyne-oncology


* Connie Dahlin-APN billing, palliative care


* Barbara Daly-critical care


* Mary Ersek-geriatrics


* Betty Ferrell-pain management, spirituality


* Marijo Letizia-palliative care education


* Carol Long-pain management


* Susan McMillan-constipation (especially opioid induced)


* Marianne Matzo-sexuality, geriatrics


* Judy Paice-pain management


* Cynda Rushton-pediatric ethics


* Stephanie Schim-cultural diversity



These individuals will serve in this role through 2010 and 2011. The next call for content expert applications will occur in the fall of 2011.


HPNA Presents Award to US Representative Lois Capps in Washington, DC

Three HPNA representatives made a special delivery to Congresswoman Lois Capps, US Representative of California's 23rd district, recently in Washington, DC. Unable to accept her award as the 2010 recipient of the Friend of HPNA Award in person during the Annual Assembly in Boston, Representative Capps took time out of her extremely busy schedule to meet with HPNA and formally accept her award in the halls of her congressional office building. Presenting the award to Representative Capps were Rhonda Oakes, HPNA Public Policy Committee chair; Beverly Paukstis, HPNA board member; and Chad Reilly, HPNA assistant director of membership.


This prestigious award recognizes an individual who supports the HPNA Mission through a demonstrated positive impact on the hospice and palliative nursing care field through public policy and/or advocacy. The honor was first announced on March 5 at the AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly in Boston, MA.


Capps draws on her extensive healthcare background as founder and cochair of the House Nursing Caucus. She also serves as cochair of the Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition, the House Cancer Caucus, the Congressional School Health and Safety Caucus, and the House Democratic Task Force on Health. "Congresswoman Capps is an individual who has championed and profoundly influenced public policy and advocacy for the hospice and palliative care field," said Judy Lentz, MSN, RN, NHA, chief executive officer of HPNA. "We congratulate Congresswomen Lois Capps on her unwavering support for the entire nursing community and are honored to confer this award upon her."


2010 HPNA Clinical Practice Forum

Breathing Easier: Palliative Care and Advanced Pulmonary Disease

Keynote: State of the Science: Pulmonary Disease & Palliative Care


John E. Barkley, MD, FCCP Chief Medical Officer, Carolinas HealthCare System.


This is a focused educational event with an exceptional faculty that promotes active learning through a unique blend of interaction, participation, and conversation with nursing professionals from around the country.

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Awesome experience.


Level of information received was exceptional.


Loved the connection of research to practice.


-Quotes from past clinical practice forum attendees


September 17-18, 2010


Minneapolis/St Paul Airport Hilton


Minneapolis, MN


One preconference being offered on September 17: Comprehensive Pulmonary Assessment


Program brochure and online registration at


HPNA Leadership Extends to Fellows in Palliative Care Nursing

In support of HPNA's mission of "Leading the way to promote excellence[horizontal ellipsis]," the HPNA Board initiated the Fellow in Palliative Care Nursing (FPCN) intended for our members who are nursing leaders in education, management, advanced practice, and research. This would include association executives; chancellors and deans; hospital chief executives and vice presidents for nursing; nurse consultants; and researchers and entrepreneurs. The HPNA inaugurated a second class of fellows in March 2010. A full listing of the 27 FPCNs is posted under the Leadership menu on our Web site. Once approved by HPNA as an FPCN, the applicant is awarded the credential, Fellow in Palliative Care Nursing or FPCN.


Highlights of the fellows screening submission include documentation of


* HPNA membership in good standing for at least 5 years,


* At least 5 years' professional activity predominantly in the field of hospice and palliative nursing, and


* Significant commitment to scholarship in the field of hospice and palliative care, as provided through documentation submitted.



Application is available online at The deadline for submission is on September 1, 2010.


Three-Part Dementia Web Course-Free for HPNA Members

Dementia Care: Understanding the Diagnosis, Embracing the Diversity, and Upholding the Dignity at the End of Life is a three-part interactive Web course with CEs. The Web course includes information on diagnosis, assessment, and care for the person with dementia and their families. Although available to anyone via the HPNA Web site/E-Learning menu, this course is free for HPNA members through a grant from the Hartford Foundation. HPNA members can access this Web course via the HPNA Members-Only section of at the e-learning tab.


Save the Date

The 2011 AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly will be held February 16-19, 2011, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Be sure to get your passport! Come celebrate HPNA's 25th Anniversary!


The third call for case conference submissions will be open from October 1 to November 2, 2010.


All submissions must be completed and submitted online via the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Web site at


HPNF High-Impact Gifts

In tricky economic times, donors are more particular about where they spend their charitable dollars. One way many people think they receive a good return on investment is through donor circles. Donor circles allow donors to pledge a gift of money over several years and pay in quarterly or annual payments. The foundation has established the Builder's Circle for pledge gifts of $1000 and the Sustainer's Circle for gifts of $5000.


Matching Gift programs are another way for donors to expand the value of their contribution. A donor or their spouse/partner must work for a company that matches employee contributions. This can be determined by a quick inquiry to the human resources department. Across the country, there are matches of 0.5 to 5 times the amount of the original donation. Although this opportunity does not apply to everyone, it is a program not to be missed if it is available.


Finally, a great way for donors to increase the value of their gift is through the local HPNA Chapter. In this case, the donor needs to be a chapter member. Butterfly Chapter status is achieved when all members of the local chapter make an individual gift to HPNF. This goal is reached when one person makes the first donation and recruits the other chapter members to follow suit. Each donor contributes at the level comfortable for them, and all donations are sent to HPNF at one time. Great things are possible and the burden is light when people work together.


These are just a few ways donors can increase the impact of their gift. As always, HPNF accepts donations of any amount at any time. All gifts make it possible to grant scholarships and research funding to nurses seeking to create excellence in hospice and palliative nursing. Visit to make donation.

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2011 APRN and RN HPAR Packets Available

The 2011 APRN Hospice and Palliative Accrual for Recertification (APRN HPAR) and the RN Hospice and Palliative Alternative Recertification (RN HPAR) packets are now available and posted on our Web site, All 2011 renewals for ACHPN and CHPN certifications using HPAR must be received in the National Office between January 1 and March 1, 2011.


As a reminder, all APNs must renew their certification through the APRN HPAR process in the year they are due to renew.


If you have any questions about the HPAR process for any of our programs, please contact us at or call 412-787-1057.


2012 Administrator HPAR Packet Available

The first group of Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Administrators (CHPCAs) are due to renew their certification in 2012. These CHPCAs can renew their certification by sitting for the examination or through the Administrator Hospice and Palliative Alternative Recertification (ADM HPAR) process.


More information about ADM HPAR and the application are posted on our Web site,


CE Tracker

CE Tracker is a way to keep track of your professional development activities. You can also use CE Tracker for your HPAR application! For more information about CE Tracker and how to access it, visit our Web site,, under the Resources menu.


September Testing Window Is Open

Examination applications for the September 2010 testing window are still being accepted. The paper application deadline is July 15; however, online applications (with the exception of APN applications) are accepted until August 15, 2010.


To apply online or download the Candidate Handbook, visit our Web site,