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"To look into the future you must first delve into and learn from the past," says Susan Hassmiller, PhD, RN, FAAN, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's senior advisor for nursing, in her blog post, "Following in Florence Nightingale's Footsteps-Literally!" the first in a series of posts that will document her trip to Europe as part of a study tour of Florence Nightingale's life and work. Bookmark or subscribe to our blog Off the Charts ( to read daily updates and share your thoughts on what you see in your nursing world.



"I find it very hard to relax more and more the longer I am a pediatric ICU nurse." "I don't know where you worked, but on our unit, nurses are over 90% compliant with hand hygiene." "I have served [patients] their lunches while killing the cockroaches crawling on the walls." "Nurses are powerful and we can change the way things are done!" "[T]he majority of the public has absolutely no idea, or else they would be more supportive of ratio laws." "Air travel has become safer through the use of checklists, why not use them for health care?"


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