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Dermatopathology Laboratory, Dermatopathologist, Laboratory Errors, Dermatology Office, Dermatology Clinic, Medical Errors, Dermatology Biopsy Specimen



  1. Balfour, Erika M.


Abstract: An important means to reduce medical errors between the dermatology office and the dermatopathology lab is to improve communication. The dermatology office and the dermatopathology laboratory being as meticulous as possible, another way to reduce medical errors is to improve communication between them. Understanding laboratory needs and limitations is of paramount importance. The dermatology office can improve patient care, as well as lower the likelihood of malpractice lawsuits, by routinely calling the dermatopathology laboratory when guidance is needed regarding optimal biopsy type and location, by informing the dermatopathologist of pertinent clinical information, and by calling to question results that do not "make sense" or match the clinical impression at the time of biopsy.