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Critical thinking, Nursing students, Online learning, Simulation, Videotaping





Combining the use of several different types of technology enables an instructor to develop teaching methods to address a specific problem area that students encounter and can greatly affect student learning. This article discusses a program that was developed that utilized SimMan, instructor-produced videos, and online discussion to stimulate critical thinking in beginning-level nursing students. The goal was to make the student aware of the importance of an initial thorough assessment of a client. This is especially difficult since new students are focused on learning the skills and have not had enough clinical experience to appreciate the importance of assessment. The first two videos show a nurse who makes a very incomplete assessment of the client and misses important observations. This leads to the patient (SimMan) going into respiratory distress. The third video demonstrates a complete assessment. The students viewed and discussed the first two videos online. After the third video, students posted their own reflections of this activity including what they learned and how this would change their behavior. The outcome showed an increased awareness of the importance of assessment. Instructors observed a change in behavior, which included early assessment of the client.