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Assessment strategy, Computer literacy





Institutions using a clinical information system which feeds an electronic medical record system must consider evaluation programs that measure the nurse's ability to use and understand the clinical data in the clinical information system. By measuring and tracking the nurse's level of computer literacy, training programs and system enhancements can be better designed. A well-designed system will lead to improved system acceptance and higher adoption rates. There is a need for a defined system implementation strategy that includes nursing staff assessment and system training formulated to fit the specific literacy levels of the majority users of the clinical information system, the nursing staff. Computer literacy in relation to the use of clinical information systems and electronic medical record adoption is the focus of this article. If a strategy based on Benner's novice to expert theory is implemented, computer literacy among frontline users could be assessed, and appropriate education and training programs can be developed. Ultimately, these programs would promote positive perception of the clinical information system, which would result in a better adoption rate of the electronic medical record.