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  1. Carlson, Elizabeth PhD, RN
  2. Catrambone, Cathy PhD, RN
  3. Oder, Karl MS
  4. Nauseda, Susan BSN, MBA, PMP
  5. Fogg, Lou PhD
  6. Garcia, Brian MS
  7. Brown, Frederick M. Jr, DNP, RN
  8. Johnson, Mary E. PhD, RN
  9. Johnson, Tricia J. PhD
  10. Llewellyn, Jane PhD, RN, NEA-BC


As the conversion to an electronic health record intensifies, the question of which data-entry device works best in what environment and situation is paramount. Specifically, what is the best mix of equipment to purchase and install on clinical units based on staff preferences and budget constraints? The authors discuss their evaluation of stationary personal computers, workshops on wheels, and handheld tablets related to timeliness of data entry and their use of focus groups to ascertain the pros/cons of data-entry devices and staff preferences. An assessment of the implications for costs related to the timeliness of data entry is also presented.