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aged, complementary/alternative therapy, physical fitness



  1. Chen, Kuei-Min
  2. Fan, Jue-Ting
  3. Wang, Hsiu-Hung
  4. Wu, Shu-Ju
  5. Li, Chun-Huw
  6. Lin, Huey-Shyan


Background: Promoting the health of transitional frail elders (e.g., through therapeutic-based yoga exercises) is essential to reduce healthcare expenditures caused by chronic health problems.


Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of 24 weeks of the senior-tailored silver yoga (SY) exercise program for transitional frail elders.


Methods: A convenience sample of 69 elders in assisted living facilities were assigned randomly to the SY group (n = 38) or to the control group (n = 31) on the basis of the facilities where they resided, and 55 of them completed this quasi-experimental pretest and posttest study. Intervention was conducted three times per week, 70 minutes per session, for 24 weeks. Physical fitness (body composition, cardiovascular-respiratory functions, body flexibility, muscle power and endurance, balance, and agility) were examined at baseline, at 12 weeks, and at the end of the 24th week of the study.


Results: At the end of the study, the physical fitness indicators of participants in the SY group had improved significantly, and they had better physical fitness than participants in the control group (all p values < .05).


Discussion: It was recommended that the SY exercises be incorporated as an activity program in assisted living facilities to promote the physical fitness of transitional frail elders.